From doves to lassos, the significance that’s crammed into Latina wedding traditions goes well over and above what matches the eye. And even though some of these cultural touchstones might be different to modern couples, there are nothing stopping them right from incorporating their favorite types into their big event. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, here are 11 Latin wedding ceremony symbol meanings you should know ahead of preparing your special celebration.

The wedding ceremony dove can be an cockade of love and peace — the perfect symbol for a marriage. Actually they’re believed to bring best of luck and a happy life meant for the newlyweds. This tradition also represents the couple’s commitment to share their particular lives with each other and guard each other’s happiness.

Another well-known sign in Latin America certainly is the circle of doves on a dessert. Doves can be a sacred parrot for many nationalities. In old Greece, they will latina brides had been a symbol of absolutely adore and affection, while in Christianity they represent God’s gift belonging to the Holy Heart to humankind.

For Latina American and Caribbean brides to be and grooms, the metal that’s chosen designed for the rings holds a lot of significance. Silver antique is a popular choice mainly because it evokes luxury and course. Golden, on the other hand, symbolizes wealth and divinity.

One of the most essential pre-marriage Latin American wedding ceremonies is definitely the arras formal procedure, where the bridegroom gives his girl 13 loose change, adorned with assorted models like religious icons, family crests and their last names, to symbolize his promise to back up her. They are typically put in a small cherish upper body or dish to be utilized during the service and later kept.

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